Natural Hair

These are how my ends are looking with Grape Seed Oil on the ends. No frizziness and no Single Strand Knots.  Grape Seed Oil is really effective on the hair strands.  These curls were formed with Curlformers.

Hello readers,
I have been searching for a good deep conditioning hair masque or mask that has natural ingredients in it and delivers great results.  I came across the Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque at Sally's Beauty Supply and I decided to try it because I have heard positive things about the Beyond the Zone Line.

Since I have been wearing my natural hair in braids since December 2009 I don't get a chance to deep condition my hair on a regular basis because I don't feel like it's the same when you have your hair braided and trying to deep condition in those braids.  So about once a month, when I take my braids down, I get a chance to give all my hair strands and scalp a good conditioning treatment which is crucial when trying to achieve healthy hair.

My 3c/4a hair tends to be very tangled and coarse when I take it out of braids, so I wanted a product that would tame all of that unruliness I knew I was going to have to deal with.  So, I purchased the Beyond the Zone Hair Masque because it claims to treat battered or abused hair and repairs damaged hair while taming frizz and adding shine.  Well it did exactly those things for my hair!

The package directions tell you to leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly and be sure to follow the directions exactly.  This product is for professionals but if you follow the directions it should be fine.  I shampooed and conditioned my hair with my Renew hair products (which I will do a review on very soon), then put in the Last Call Hair Masque for 5-7 minutes then rinsed all of the product out and let my hair air dry in two twists.  I could not believe how soft my hair was when it was finally dry, it felt like soft velvet.  Area's of my hair that were noticeably damaged before were nice and soft as if the cuticle was instantly sealed.

These are the ingredients:

I know that these are not the most natural ingredients and mineral oil is a big no no in the natural hair community, but my hair was very easy to comb thru and it did not tangle as easily as it usually does.  So my final thought on the Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair mask is that it is a must have for me and it will be added to my staple of products.  I believe that this is a mild to medium protein treatment so I will limit this treatment to no more than twice a month.  I am still on the hunt for a good moisturizing deep conditioner to balance out the protein.  To see what my natural hair looks like please click here.  
Be sure to leave a comment if you have had similar positive results from this hair masque.

My Freshly Washed Natural Hair...


So, I am posting to show my readers my natural hair and how it looks when it is freshly washed with a little bit of product in it.  In the video I stated that I used Abba Botanicals but it is really Alba Botanica leave in conditioner and Argan Oil

Anyway, I removed my 4 week old braids on 8/5/10 using Awapuhi Mango Moisturizing Conditioner by Avalon Organics and water mixed in a spray bottle.  I sprayed each braid from root to tip with this conditioner spray, then I used my medium sized wide tooth comb to take down each individual braid.  After all the braids were taken down, I detangled my hair with my wide tooth comb and hopped in the shower to rinse my hair and begin to shampoo.

I used VO5 Herbal Escapes Balancing Shampoo first to clarify my hair, then I followed it with Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.  I detangled again when the Smooth as Silk conditioner was in my hair to be sure that I have removed all of the shed hair from my head after having braids in for almost a month.  I have to say that I shed a lot of hair and I am not happy about that at all.  I wanted to take a picture of all of the shed hair, but I was just too disgusted to actually capture it.  I swear I could have made a hair piece out of the shed hair, it was that much in my opinion; so I just threw it in the trash and will try to figure out a solution for the shedding.  After I let my hair towel dry for about 5 minutes then applied Lustrasilk Aloe Vera Cholestorol (I think I said Olive Oil in the vid, but that's what I get for guessing, but there is an olive oil version as well) from root to tips of my whole head then detangled again with my Denman brush and put the hair in two twist.  Then I put on a plastic cap and went to bed with the cholestorol in my hair overnight for a good deep conditioning.  In the morning I rinsed the cholestorol out and put on Cantu Shea Butter Leave in conditioner which I have altered with jojoba oil, castor oil and Hot 6 oil. 

36 hours later I shampooed again with my Giovanni Smooth as Silk and used the last of my TreSemme Moisture Rich conditioner and detangled again in the shower.  Then after letting my hair towel dry again for 5 minutes, I applied the Alba Botanica Leave in Conditioner and Argan Oil Treatment and it left my hair looking like it is in the video.  I definitely know I love the Argan oil treatment, but I had to revisit the leave in because I have used it a couple of times before and it did not give me the wow effect that I go for.  Since I am trying to use up all my products before I buy more, I decided to use the Alba Botanica Leave in again and I actually like it.  I just might be purchasing that leave in again, I love a good leave in conditioner.  I have a brand new bottle of Beauty without Cruelty leave in conditioner that I plan on trying next month when I take my hair down again.  I will be just using ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Reconstructer spray and my moisturizing spray that I mixed up for my braids.  Since I started using mostly all organic or natural products for my hair I have seen a noticable difference from when I was using commercial products that contain harsh ingriedinets like Sodium Laureth Sulfate and others. 

I would say that my hair texture is between 3c and 4a and there is a mix of those two textures throughout my head.  Be sure to look in the aStore for hair products that I would recommend lace wig wearers to use to care for their natural or relaxed hair underneath.  Right after I recorded this video I braided my hair again using pure aloe vera gel and Jamaican Black Castor Oil on the roots.  I try to be very careful and not braid my hair too tightly and I know that I am not because when I move my head up, down or in any direction there is no pulling or tightness on the edges, but I also know they are secure. 

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Natural Hair Update!

Hello readers,
 I just wanted to update you on my latest length check which included deep conditioning, air drying, blow drying, and flat ironing my natural 3c/4a hair.  So, I have still been using my Jamaican Black Castor Oil in most of my topical oil scalp treatments as the base carrier oil and I have added jojoba, Emu, Hot Six oils mixed in there as well.  I apply the oil to my scalp on a weekly basis and massage it in.  I have stuck to all of my natural hair care products like Giovanni Smooth as Silk Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner which are organic and sulfate free.  Sticking with all natural and organic products have really helped me retain my length and growth.  A great place to shop online for one stop shopping is - Discount Vitamin Warehouse. , you can pay one flat shipping price for all of your items.

I continue to wear my lace wig units on a weekly basis and take them off on the weekend to wash my hair and let my scalp get fresh air.  I will post my summer lace wig application process soon!

I have also recently discovered Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil which is a wonderful product for natural or relaxed hair.  After I shampooed and conditioned my hair I sectioned my hair into four sections and applied about a dime to quarter size amount of Argan Oil to each section and braided them.  This is a picture of my hair air dried with the Argan Oil in it, can you see how much shine it gives my hair without weighing it down?  This product is a must try!  I purchased this from Sally's Beauty Supply for $8.99 but they run out quick so I have also highlighted links to where you can find it online without the hassle.

From this point I blew dry each section with the comb attachment then flat ironed my hair with the Marcel Flat iron with the comb chase method.  I used the Ceramic Tools JBC10 tension comb.  I took small sections, bumped the roots and went down the length, then I took the tension comb and grabbed the section and went down the section chasing the comb with the flat iron.  
Here is an example of what I mean, but the iron is not hot and this is not my hair it is a lace wig.

Once I completed my whole head using this method it gave me the bone straight look I was going for with the help of the Argan Oil.  The One 'n' Only Argan Oil is an oil treatment that promotes instant shine, smoothness, frizz control, color protection and heat protectant all in one.  I give this product a thumbs up, it left my hair so soft and manageable, I really enjoyed using this product on my natural hair.

As you can see I am a few inches away from Bra Strap Length even after I trimmed off about an inch and a half before taking this photo because I had not trimmed them since December 2009!  I am very pleased with my progress and I will continue to wear my lace wigs as my protective style of choice.  Like I have previously stated, I french braid or cornrow my hair to get to lay as flat as possible under my full lace wigs so that it can look natural as well.

Here are a couple of comparison pics from December 2009 to this current July 2010 length check.  Please feel free to leave comments and ask any questions you may have.
Thanks for reading....

Product Review!


Hello readers,

 The selfish philosopher rages.  I have been holding out on you and not sharing all of my go to products, but I wanted to share with you my experience with natural hair and extension less braids, which means that your own natural hair is braided to the scalp and no synthetic braiding hair is used.
I am still trying to use all natural products so I used a lavender shampoo by Whole Foods 365 and Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner.  I do not care for the Lavender shampoo because it does not lather very well and I did not know if it got all of my braided hair thoroughly cleaned.

Beauty Without Cruelty Leave-In Conditioner, Revitalize 8.5fl oz

After my hair had air dried I coated the ends of my hair with Beauty Without Cruelty Leave in Conditioner.
I have been using this product for about 2 months and I feel that I can give you an honest review.  This leave in conditioner has left my hair feeling soft and very manageable when it is out of braids, and when I put this product on the ends of my hair they instantly curled up as if they had been sprayed with water or some liquid.  This conditioner is a cream but is not thick at all.  It actually has a water based consistency and is very easy to apply throughout my 3c/4a hair.

I recently read a post on the forum I belong to and one of the young ladies said that she was going to stop wearing her hair braided because "her ends were becoming thin".  When I started the crowning glory method I researched a lot and learned that it was very important to keep your hair balanced with a combination of protein and moisture and very important to keep your ends moisturized and trimmed.  So don't be afraid to grow your natural hair out using long as you keep your scalp clean and your ends moisturized, you should be able to achieve growth and retain the length you have worked so hard to get.