Natural Hair Update and Lace Wig Protecting

These photo's are a display of my natural hair on the far left pictures and the picture on the right of the three and the bottom picture is a snapshot of my lace front wig in a twist style at the front hairline.  I flat ironed my natural hair after shampooing and conditioning the hair and putting in a heat protectant spray.  Then I put some curls in it with a curling iron.  My natural hair reaches full Bra Strap Length now but I seemed to have some breakage in the back due to some products I was using last summer.  The lace wig that I am wearing on the right and the photo below that is an 18" Indian Remy Yaki lacefront unit that I purchased back in early November 2013.  I am going to give it a bleach bath soon to bring it back to life and get some of the tangles out.  I have been wearing it in a low ponytail style lately because it has been to untamed to wear out so that is why I need to give it the bleach bath.  Please leave a comment if you would like to know about anything related to wearing lace wigs to protect your natural hair or would like to see an update on my natural hair care products.