How I AM Maintaining My Natural Hair Under Lace Wigs

I have been reading some of my blog comments regarding wearing lace wigs and natural hair care concerns, so I am going to update my experience with wearing lace wigs and how I have been able to retain length and keep my edges in tact.
One main thing that I have been doing is making sure I apply a scalp treatment to my hair care regimen and my current treatment is from Eden Body Works and their Peppermint Oil and Tea Trea Hair Oil Spray. 
This hair oil is amazing for providing the scalp with a tingling sensation and opening up the follicles in order to receive the amazing ingredients that this hair oil provides.  I just recently added this product to my hair care regimen but it seems to be working out really well.  It's best when I apply it right after I have cleansed my scalp with a clarifying shampoo and either a moisturizing conditioner like Giovanni Smooth As Silk  or a protein based conditioner like the Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructer.  Then I spray my hair with a liquid leave in treatment and follow that with a creamy leave in, my current favorites are Pantene Pro V Medium Thick Silkening Detangler and Kinky Curly Knot Today.  Once I have moisturized my hair with the above products I seal in that moisture with a natural oil like grape seed oil or olive oil.  Lately I have been using the Carol's Daughter Hair Balm pomade to seal the moisture into my hair strands and it smells wonderful.
Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste - 4 fl. oz..Opens in a new window
Now, as far as styling goes, I am really liking the Curls Passion fruit curl control paste for maintaining and smoothing my edges down while giving them the moisture and natural growth aid they need.  Sometime I may use ORS lock and twist gel to flat twist my hair or french braid my hair down flat so that I can wear my lace wig.  This was in about 2012 but I am still using most of these products especially the curls paste which is pictured above.  My natural hair is almost mid back length now but I have had some setbacks in 2013 so I am working on full mid back length which is my ultimate goal.  

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