Growth and Retention on Natural Hair Using Lace Wigs

Hello again from,
Want to give you an update on how my healthy hair growth journey is coming along thus far.  I have been double protective styling for the past year and a half using full lace and lacefront wigs while my natural hair is flat twisted underneath the wig.  My goal for 2011 is to get to full BSL by December 31st, I wasn't quite there when I last checked in September 2011, but I am not far away either.

I purchased a lacefront 14" Indian Remy yaki unit back in August and I have been wearing that in big curls that I curl with a 1 1/2" curling iron and then pin curl it to maintain the look throughout the week.  I have been alternating between the Ozone Aplus Brandy wig and the yaki unit up until now, but I recently purchased an It's A Wig Synthetic Braided Lacefront wig that I will be experimenting with for the next month or so.

Besides my major setback in September where I accidentally fried off a 1 1/2" section of hair that I was flat ironing for my length check which was devastating to say the least, I would have to say that I am definitely seeing length retention and growth using lace wigs as my protective style over my protective/low manipulation style for my natural hair.  I am joining a No Heat Challenge for 2012 on LHCF that won't allow me to put any heat to my hair for the whole year, so I will not be focusing on length for next year, I will just be focusing on the health of my hair strands. 
My natural hair care regimen is still pretty simple, it consists of pre-pooing overnight before every wash which is every 1-2 weeks with sulfate free organic shampoo followed by either Suave Humectant conditioner or Giovanni Deeper Moisture Conditioner.  I towel dry in a turbie twist, then spray my hair with Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Reconstructer and Essential Oils Lavendar Detangling Leave in spray.  With my hair damp from the leave in sprays I then part my hair into 4 sections and apply Mixed Silk Leave in conditioner followed by either grape seed oil or avocado oil for sealing.  Once the hair has been moisturized and sealed I flat twist my hair into about 8-12 twists then pin all the ends up with bobby pins.  This allows my hair to be as flat as possible underneath the lace wig for a more natural look.

You can now purchase a full lace or lacefront wig here on for very competitive prices to other sites on the net.  Click Here to view selections that will give you a diva makeover while you give your natural hair a rest from daily styling and manipulation.