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Hair Extensions – Know Your Choices!

If you crave for that elegant look of a chic professional, hair extensions are your best bet. However, before you proceed with your choice of costume wigs or human hair extensions, you must know all the choices that you have open before you make a purchase.

There are two kinds of hair extensions – synthetic and human hair extensions. Both of them are good but human hair extensions are more expensive as they give a more natural look. If you want to pull of a natural look due to any hair loss disorders, human hair wigs are undoubtedly your best choice. Those looking to break free from the everyday monotony of their hair styles in general, may opt for synthetic wigs.

Length of Hair extensions

With hair extensions you can get any length of hair you wish. However, 28-30 inches are the preferred maximum length for your head because it is under too much pressure with longer hair. If you have average height, then 18 inch long hair will suit you and you can extend it up to 22 inches too.


There are many well-known companies like EasiHair, PutonPieces and Raquel Welch that manufacture human hair extensions, to name a few. For hair extensions, it is always a good decision to trust well-known brands.

Types of Hair Extensions

The kind of hair extension you choose depends upon how long you want to use it. There are permanent and clip in hair extensions. Permanent hair extensions are attached to your hair by a professional and are much more expensive than clip in extensions. They last longer and look real. Clip in extensions, on the other hand, do not require a professional touch. You can attach them at home by following a few instructions. You can remove them whenever you feel like wearing your natural hair.

How are hair extensions attached?

When extensions are attached by a professional, individual strands are attached to real hair or wefts are sewn into your hair. However, the procedure that is usually followed is of attaching individual strands of extension to individual strands of real hair. This is done by a professional. It is much more difficult to have permanent extensions removed. Many people prefer wefting as it can simply be sewn or braided into real hair. However, as your hair grows, the wefts have to be removed and re-attached. This can make this process expensive.

Caring for hair extensions

You have to care for your real hair extensions so that they last longer. To care for them comb them with a soft brush. Using a lot of styling products will damage them. Therefore, keep them as natural as possible. If you are coloring them, make sure it is human hair and get it done from a good professional. And lastly, tie and braid your hair at night.

If you care for your hair extensions well, you can have gorgeous hair for longer time. Get good quality extensions and treat them gently.

In the end, no matter if you want human hair extensions to change your monotonous everyday look, to pull off a natural look due to any hair loss disorders, or to simply flaunt as a sexy nurse with your Halloween costumes this year, hair extensions add that much needed oomph to your personality that makes you all the more desirable.