Self Trimming Natural Straight Hair With The Split Ender

Trimming Ends is a big debate in the natural hair community, some feel it is essential in growing hair and others feel that their hair will grow longer if they do not trim/cut their hair.  In my opinion I feel that trimming split ends is very important in my hair growth journey.  Since I choose to wear lacefront wigs as my protective style during my hair growth journey, I need to pay special attention to my natural hair, so deep conditioning and trimming ends are very important and have played a big roll in helping me achieve growth thus far.
I recorded a short video demonstration, on 4/5/11, of how I usually cut my hair every 3-4 months.  The longest I will go without trimming my ends is 6 months, if I go longer than that I will have to cut more inches off of the hair.  I purchased a Split Ender from Ross when I heard that they had a rare few and they were going fast!  This happens to be the first version of the Split Ender and there in now a newer version called the Split Ender Maxi, but the original make definitely does the job.  Around 2005 my sister gave me one of these Split Enders and I sold it on Ebay because I did not think that it worked at all, but on the second go around I have really found it to be very essential in my natural hair growth journey.   I only like to trim my hair when it is flat ironed straight because I can really see all of my hair.  I put some One n Only Argan Oil in my hair before I went through it with the Split Ender.

Please excuse some of my facial expressions toward the end of the video when I am cutting my hair with the hair scissors; I could not get up close to the mirror to see everything I was doing, so I was squinting.  I wanted to make sure I captured as much as possible on camera.

When I use the Split Ender I usually go over small sections of hair 2-3 times and I hold my hair at the roots as I pull down with the Split Ender, because it has small teeth on it and it will snag the hair.  As you can see in the video, after I finished going over the hair with the Split Ender my hair was the same length as before.  The Split Ender is designed so that you do not have to lose any length to achieve a head of healthy hair free of split ends, I really like that about it.  After I finished going through and actually cutting off some length (about 3/4"-1") on the ends, my hair fell in place very nicely.

When I finally washed my hair I could tell that my hair felt softer and I had less breakage.  My curls did revert back to normal after I washed it, but I did a hot oil treatment on my hair before I washed it.  In the microwave I heated up some EVCO, Hot Six Oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil and applied it to my straightned hair.  I let that sit for an our under a plastic cap and washed it out with Giovanni Smooth As Silk Shampoo and Conditioner.  After shampooing and conditioning, I felt a big difference in my hair after finally trimming my ends after more than 3 months and by doing a hot oil treatment.

I have already decided that the Split Ender will be a key contributor in my hair growth journey and I will continue to use the Beyond the Zone Split Mender Leave-in Conditioner.  So, now I will be adding weekly hot oil treatments and deep conditioning to my hair regimen so that I can get to my goal of bra strap length by the end of this summer.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed professional.  I am simply sharing what I have learned with others.  I realize that everyone has different hair needs, so please do what is best for you and your hair.