How I Mix and Apply Henna To My Natural Hair

In this video demonstration I am showing you how I usually mix my henna when I apply it to my natural hair.  This is my first time trying the Rainbow Research Natural Black Henna in my hair.  In the past I used Body Art Quality Henna that I purchased on eBay in 2009.  I really liked the results that the Henna gave my hair so I decided to try Black Henna to see if I could get a black tint to my strands instead of the usual red tint that the body art quality henna gives off.

When I mixed my henna in the past I either used these items or similar items in my henna mixes.  I have used black coffee as the liquid in the past, but I did not like the strong coffee smell that stayed in my hair for about a week after applying that particular henna batch.  In this mix I decided to use African Royale Hot Six Oil, which is a blend of over 10 natural/essential oils that gives the hair added moisture because henna can be of a gritty/thick consistency and can give a dry feeling to the hair.  I also used natural black tea and Suave Naturals Almond and Shea Butter conditioner.  I like to keep it simple when it comes to my henna mixtures because I don't want to take away too much from the benefits of the henna on the hair itself.

My results turned out to be less than desirable when I saw that the Rainbow Research Persian Black Henna did not color the grays in the front of my hair, but it did do a great job of conditioning the hair.  My hair was very soft and pliable when I finally washed then henna out the next day.  I used VO5 Moisture Milk Conditioner to wash the henna out of my hair completely in the shower.  I would highly recommend placing down newspaper on the floor when you are applying this henna to your hair because it can be messy and fall to the floor.  I should have added a little more liquid to this mixture after I let it set for a half an hour, because it was still a little too pasty.

Overall, I feel that henna is great for the hair, it thickens the hair strands and it gives them strength.  I will stick with Body Art Quality Henna for coloring my gray hair without chemicals, it will give them a gold color while the rest of my hair is reddish brown in the sun.  I also ordered some Indigo Powder to follow the Henna to give my hair a blue black color, I will try to record that process in the future.

 I hope you enjoyed watching and learned something you can use in your own personal hair growth journey.