Flat Ironing an Ozone Aplus Lacefront Wig

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Here in this video I am displaying how I flat iron a synthetic lace wig.  This is the Ozone Aplus Brandy Wig that I have talked about in a previous post.  I am still wearing this unit because it has worked out pretty well in my hair journey and my protective styling.  You will see that I am going over certain portions of the hair several times with my Helen of Troy Ceramic and Titanium flat iron because it gets really puffy on the ends after washing it.  I would never go over my natural hair that many times with any type of heat, so this is a great release for my hair styling compulsions. This was sort of a last minute video idea that I decided to do, I hope you can see how versatile this unit is and I am still wearing it without any glue adhesives.  I would suggest putting some bobby pins in the areas around the temples because they will lift up very easily and expose the lace.  The picture above is a closer look of how the lace appears on top of my natural part.  A YouTube viewer asked if you can see the grids of the lace more with my natural part but as you can see in the picture, I don't have that issue.   If I really want it to be secure, I will put a piece of lace wig tape adhesive on the ear tabs for a short term hold.  That's all I have to update you on for now, but stay tuned for more.