A Much Needed Break From Gluing Down My Lace Wigs

Hello again Lacefora.com readers,
I wanted to share with you my recent experiences using lace wigs as my protective style of choice.  A few months back I decided to purchase a synthetic lace front wig because I wanted to give my hairline and skin a break from adhering my full lace wigs with adhesives.  I was starting to notice that the skin around my hairline was starting to look unnatural when I would remove my unit.  There was a very light colored ring around my head from where my skin was not getting any natural light due to my lace wigs constantly covering that area.  So I decided to stop using the BMB adhesive and purchase an Ozone Aplus synthetic lace wig.  Ozone Aplus lace wigs are very different from your traditional beauty supply synthetic lace front wigs in that they have french lace instead of the hard, plastic type lace.  The pictures below show a comparison of the skin in front of my natural hairline from 9/2010 and the change in 12/2010. 

My very first lace front wigs were the synthetic wigs with the hard lace and I quickly knew that they were not for me.  That lace was so hard that it actually cut into my skin and it itched very bad.  The Ozone Aplus lace wigs are excellent, the french lace is so soft against your skin just like my human hair lace wigs.  The Ozone Aplus lace wigs use premium synthetic fiber hair that is heat resistant and soft.  I don't really feel a need to apply adhesive to this unit because it fits very snug on my head and a couple of bobby pins will do just fine.  You definitely have many options with this brand of synthetic lace front wig; you can apply adhesives to adhere this unit for a more secure fit if you like, or you can use the combs and adjustable straps that come inside of each unit.

These pictures are of my Aplus Ozone Lace Front Wig Brandy in a color 1B.  I have parted my hair and braided it back so that I can part the wig exactly where my natural hair is parted to achieve this natural look.  I have not used and glue or tape adhesives, I have simply adjusted the straps in the back and placed it on my head.  I really enjoy this bone straight look and it takes me no time to achieve this look in the morning.

The next two pictures below show me wearing my Aplus Ozone Lace Front Wig called Miami, in a color 1B/30. I like the texture of this hair because it reminds me of a braidout with a medium wave pattern.  I wear it the same way as the Brandy lacefront but I just wear a nude color wig cap underneath.

After 2 months of not adhering my lace wigs with tape or glue, I noticed that my skin around my hairline has returned to it's natural color and my hairline looks normal.
I am back to protective styling and low manipulation, using my lace wigs as my guide.  I would highly recommend purchasing an Ozone Aplus lacefront wig because they are a great value and offer a great alternative to regular trips to the salon.  Stay tuned and be sure to Follow this blog for more information on my experiences with my natural hair growth journey and lace wigs.