The Process of Straightening My Natural Hair...

Well here is the video I promised to record once I straightened my natural hair to show the length I have retained using lace wigs as my protective style of choice for 2010.  I apologize if the video is of poor quality but I am still working on a permanent setting to record my videos but I am working with this for now.  This video was recorded on 12/24/10.

I shampooed and conditioned with Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture, then I deep conditioned my hair overnight with Pantene Pro V Frizz Down Deep Moisturizing Conditioner.  The next day I washed the conditioner out and sprayed my hair and scalp with a leave in growth treatment then Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Reconstructer and followed that with One n Only Argan Oil.  I put about a nickel size amount in each of the four sections of my hair, then let it dry in four braids overnight.  This is where the video basically begins, where my hair is air dried and I am ready to apply heat to my hair. 

I realize that there is a lot of smoke coming off of the styling tools but that is the Argan Oil burning off instead of protein from my hair.  The Argan Oil is a great heat protectant but I noticed that it makes my already thin hair, look extremely thin and I don't care for that too much.

So when I do my hair again in a week or so, I will skip the Argan Oil until after I have finished flat ironing.  I was not able to take pictures for my length check but I just trimmed my ends with my Split Ender and I love it, so I know that the next flat ironing session will be much smoother.  I will use a heat protector by Giovanni that is water based instead of oil based next time, so that I will be able to get maximum swang.

At first I used a ceramic + titanium flat iron by Helen of Troy Professional Series, but I was not used to the cord and I was not getting my roots straight.  Oh, I had to get my roots straight in the back section again because when I went outside the moisture in the air had almost reverted the roots back to wavy again, the top of my head was covered with a hat, so it did not revert.

Ultimately, I liked the results of the ceramic flat iron, I was actually surprised that it was getting my ends so straight, but the marcel flat iron was much quicker and I was more comfortable using the comb chase method with the marcel iron because I have done it before.  I hope you enjoy the video, sorry it is so long but I wanted to put as much of the process in as I possibly could.

Well, I am looking forward to starting my 2011 hair challenges and goals, I am in a Bra Strap Length challenge on LHCF and I am joining the 2011 braid challenge again.  I think I retained a lot of length this year with low maintenance and protective styling.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment, be sure to include your email address if you would like me to respond to you.