Best Twist Out Results Ever On My Natural Hair!!!

So, I decided to remove my latest installation of braids this weekend which had been in for about 5 weeks.  I shampooed and conditioned my hair with the Therapeutic shampoo and conditioner that I talked about in a previous post then towel dried with my Turbie twist.  After my hair air dried for about 30 minutes I put in some Beyond the Zone Split Mender Leave-In Conditioner and let me tell you, that conditioner has so much slip, it is unreal.  Since my hair was feeling so good, I decided to try a wash and go, after running a few errands my hair had completely dried and I did not like the results.  My hair had drawn up so tightly and it looked very dry but was soft to the touch and had body.

When I got home I decided to try a twist out on my wash and go hair.  I parted small sections with my fingers, sprayed the section with water, then added Palmer's (yes, the cocoa butter maker) Styling Cream on the section from about 1/2 inch down from the root and smoothed to the ends.  Then I split the section into two pieces and twisted them together all the way down to the end.  I repeated this all around my head until I had about 12 or 13 medium sized twist all around.

One thing that I noticed was that the Palmers Styling Cream instantly sealed my ends and smoothed them down very nicely.  I mean the roughest section of my hair was the smoothest I have ever seen it and then I realized that the styling cream has Vitamin A, D, E with Protein.  I think my natural hair really needs this protein and I could instantly see the difference.  My hair was not greasy, it had great definition and lots of body.  These pictures are from the next morning when it had fully air dried overnight.

  I decided not to wear my twist out just yet because I am still on a hide my hair and braid challenge, so I will just leave the twist in and wear a half wig until I get my Ozone Aplus lace front wig that I just ordered.  I also purchased an inexpensive ceramic+titanium flat iron for my next length check.  I purchased this Palmer's Styling Cream about 5 months ago from my local Big Lot's store for $2 and I came across it again recently in one of my PJ drawers and figured I would use it.  I am glad I tried it because this is the best twist out I have ever had on my 4a hair.  I will record the process next time and I am going to henna my hair first before I wear my twist out because I don't want any grays showing and I want that red stain on my hair.  Until Next Time readers.
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Update 11/24/10:
So I wanted to come back to show my hair after it had been tied up underneath a wig cap and half wig for 3 days.  I untwisted all of the twists I had made in my hair on Saturday with the Palmer's Vitamin and Protein Styling Cream because I was about to wash my hair, and this is how it looked...

I really liked how it turned out, my hair was still very moisturized and it was well defined.  My hair still had body and I could have rocked this look for Thanksgiving but I decided to wear my Ozone Aplus wig that I received this same day!  My Hair is completely dry and no other product has been added to my hair since the styling cream was added 4 days prior to these pictures.  So, my overall rating of this product is 2 thumbs up!