How to Cut the Lace on a Full Lace Wig Video

Have you ever wondered if your favorite celebrity is wearing or has worn extensions?  Lace Front wigs have been around for a long time in Hollywood and they were only available to the rich and famous.  Not until recently have they become available to mainstream common folks like you and I.  Well I have found a great book that tells us everything we need to know about Lace front wigs and the celebrities who wear them.
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Then decide if a Lace Front or Full Lace Wig would be the right option for you and let help you find the perfect Lace unit and makeup look for your transformation.

The video below is a demonstration on how to cut the lace on a Full Lace Unit.

Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque Review

Hello readers,
I have been searching for a good deep conditioning hair masque or mask that has natural ingredients in it and delivers great results.  I came across the Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair Masque at Sally's Beauty Supply and I decided to try it because I have heard positive things about the Beyond the Zone Line.

Since I have been wearing my natural hair in braids since December 2009 I don't get a chance to deep condition my hair on a regular basis because I don't feel like it's the same when you have your hair braided and trying to deep condition in those braids.  So about once a month, when I take my braids down, I get a chance to give all my hair strands and scalp a good conditioning treatment which is crucial when trying to achieve healthy hair.

My 3c/4a hair tends to be very tangled and coarse when I take it out of braids, so I wanted a product that would tame all of that unruliness I knew I was going to have to deal with.  So, I purchased the Beyond the Zone Hair Masque because it claims to treat battered or abused hair and repairs damaged hair while taming frizz and adding shine.  Well it did exactly those things for my hair!

The package directions tell you to leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly and be sure to follow the directions exactly.  This product is for professionals but if you follow the directions it should be fine.  I shampooed and conditioned my hair with my Renew hair products (which I will do a review on very soon), then put in the Last Call Hair Masque for 5-7 minutes then rinsed all of the product out and let my hair air dry in two twists.  I could not believe how soft my hair was when it was finally dry, it felt like soft velvet.  Area's of my hair that were noticeably damaged before were nice and soft as if the cuticle was instantly sealed.

These are the ingredients:

I know that these are not the most natural ingredients and mineral oil is a big no no in the natural hair community, but my hair was very easy to comb thru and it did not tangle as easily as it usually does.  So my final thought on the Beyond the Zone Last Call Hair mask is that it is a must have for me and it will be added to my staple of products.  I believe that this is a mild to medium protein treatment so I will limit this treatment to no more than twice a month.  I am still on the hunt for a good moisturizing deep conditioner to balance out the protein.  To see what my natural hair looks like please click here.  
Be sure to leave a comment if you have had similar positive results from this hair masque.