My Full Lace Wig Application Video


I am back with another post about my full lace wig protective style.  I have recorded a video of me applying my 16"  Indian Remy Full Lace Wig that I dyed myself to a light brownish blonde color.  I used the usual items like 91% alcohol, Walker's Scalp Protector, BMB Strong Hold Lace Wig Adhesive, a nude color wig cap and a rat tail comb.  Please don't mind the music, my i pod nano was playing shuffled songs in the other room.
Hopefully the video is pretty clear on how I apply my lace wigs over my natural hair which is braided down underneath the wig cap.  I had to kind of mess with it to get it align properly, but I think the measurements are slightly off.  It is very important to measure your hair properly when ordering a custom made full lace unit.  I taped my ears down with Vapon lace wig tape so that they won't get caught in the adhesive, and I glued the wig cap down all before I started recording.  Then I applied a little foundation powder to the wig cap to help it match my skin color.

I am still working on my editing skills, so for some reason the video comes to a stand still from about 7:58 to 8:15, but the video resumes properly thereafter.  Please check out some of my favorite items in the store and subscribe so that you can stay updated on my hair journey and submit comments or requests.  The next time I do a length check on my natural hair I want to record some of my flat ironing process to share with you.  Until next time...Happy Hair Growing.