9 Day Hold on a Full Lace Wig

MORNING GLORY GRO-PROTECT SOLUTIONS 2ozWell, I am just testing this out again because my last video malfunctioned.  I said I had this on for 11 days, but actually it was 9 days.  Also, I discovered what that black color was that was starting to show thru the lace, it was a bad combination of the lace wig glue and the Morning Glory Gro-Protect Solution.  I will not be using the Gro-Protect Solution any more because I did not like how it reacted with my body chemistry and the lace wig adhesive.  Gro-Protect Solution says it protects the hair from glues and it even lists lace wig glues, but I did not find that to be true.  This product is sticky and flakes to a white film when it dried on my skin, I did not intentionally apply it to my skin, I applied it to my edges and a little got on my skin in the process.

Like I said, I had this on for 9 days and actually made it to day 10 before I had to remove this application because it was irritating my skin too bad around my hairline.  When I removed the wig, I used the C-22 citrus solvent but it was not working as quickly as usual so I also used 91% alcohol and I eventually got it off.  The Gro-Protect Solution says to remove it with warm water, but in order for me to get the lace released from the wig cap I had to used lace wig adhesive removers.  So, in my opinion the Gro-Protect Solutions is not a good solution for lace wig glues as it promotes.  I also had the blackberry color of the Gro-Protect Solution and that was what I saw starting to see through my lace... not a good look.

I will be cleaning my lace wig this weekend and reapplying it minus the Gro-Protect Solutions.  I will try to record the process I use to remove adhesives from my lace wigs using the mirror slide method.  Be sure to subscribe to stay updated on natural hair protection and lace wigs.  Also, check out Lacefora.com's new aStore below for easy online shopping.