Flexirod Set on a Full Lace Wig

First Flexirod set on my Full Lace Wig.

Hello Lacefora.com,
I am back to show you how to style your full lace wigs and to show you how my full lace wig is holding up.  I have had this wig for about 2 months and I really like how it has maintained it's density and softness through several washes.  I wash this full lace wig every 1-2 weeks and seal the knots with Walker's Lace Wig Knot Sealer, before and after each shampoo & condition.  The hairs have shed on this wig but I like it because it is easier to manage and style.  I used 5/8" orange Flexirods to create this look and I also used Aussie Moist Catch the Wave Mousse + Leave-in Conditioner to hold the curl definition from the flexirods.  I have included a video demonstration of my first attempt doing this style and I hope you can learn something from it.


So, this is how the curls came out!  I like them for my first time but I found that they would not last a whole week like I originally thought.  I don't think that I used enough product in all the sections of hair and I wet them after this picture was taken so that made the hair sort of wavy and return back to it's original state in some parts of my full lace wig.  I got tons of compliments on my hair the next day so I decided to reset the next night with some Elasta QP Design Foam and the curls were really defined and held firm for a couple of days.  I realized after the fact that the Aussie Moist Catch the Wave is a flexible hold and is great for wavy textures, which is why I originally purchased it. Overall, I really recommend these flexirods because they are fairly easy to use and very comfortable to sleep in.  I did not sit under a bonnet dryer or hooded dryer, I just allowed them to air set!  Be sure to click on the highlighted product links to purchase items that I have used or talked about in this post.  Stay tuned for more video demonstrations by Lacefora.com.




Yes, I am starting to add videos to my blog!  This is a video of me rambling and touching up my full lace wig that I applied yesterday, 7/25/10.  I used Blue Moon Beauty Lace wig glue only on the full application and I also tried Morning Glory's Gro-Protect Solution around my edges to protect it from the glue, so I will be giving a product review on that very soon.  Lol! I put the unedited version here on my blog just to give my readers a real view of the mishaps you may have when using lace wig liquid adhesives!  I originally posted this on my You Tube channel and my name on there is dkforeal, so that is what you hear me referring to myself.  I just got my new camera and I am very excited to begin sharing actual videos of what I have been blogging about.  Please be sure to leave a comment and let me know what kind of video examples you would like to see in regards to what I have been talking about on this blog.
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