Is it hot enough for everyone yet?  I know it is here in Southern California and I really needed to figure out a way to stay cool while rocking my Indian Remy full lace wigs.  I decided to go back to applying my unit by using a thin nylon cap to protect my hair from rubbing on the lace, instead of using the adhesive bandage and the nylon cap.  So, I have a few pictures showing what the inside of a real full lace wig should look like and how I applied the unit.  I have to say that this method is a lot cooler than my previous blog using adhesive bandages, but  I will go back to using adhesive bandages when the weather cools down, because I think it is the best way to protect my hair and hair line from the lace wig glues and tapes. 

     I start off by cleaning my face with Ambi Black Soap and exfoliating it with St. Ives Refreshing Scrub then I gently wipe the skin in front of my hairline with 91%-99% Alcohol and allow it to dry.  I recently started to tape my ears down when I apply the lace wig adhesives because I noticed that my ears were getting caught in the glue when I am applying my full lace wigs.  After I have taped my ears, I apply 2 coats of Walkers Scalp Protector around my hairline allowing each coat to dry evenly before applying another.  When the scalp protector has dried I then take a lipstick brush and apply a thin coat of my Blue Moon Beauty (BMB) lace wig glue adhesive.  For the back or nape area I apply a second coat when the first has dried.  This glue is clear and has a thick consistency but not to thick like other white cream based liquid adhesives, and please be sure to do a skin test on the inside of your arm or back of hand to see if you have any reactions to adhesives.

 After the adhesive has dried for about 5-10 minutes I apply a nude color nylon wig cap that I have cut the lining off of.  I cut a small slit and go around the thicker edge of the wig cap to leave the thinnest portion of the wig cap in tact and stick it to the adhesive I have just applied in front of my hairline.  Can you see how none of my natural hair is exposed to the adhesives.  Since it is really hot and I don't want the wig to slide because I tend to sweat a lot, I put an extra layer of BMB to the edge of the wig cap that I just applied, which is totally optional.  Next, I place Walkers No Shine Tape to my skin and wig cap on top of the previous layer of glue I just applied.  When using the No Shine Tape be sure to peel off the layer of paper that has "This side to Scalp" printed on it, leaving you with two tabs to separate when you are ready to apply your lace wig.

After you have placed the tape all around the perimeter of your head following your natural hairline you may apply and extra layer of liquid adhesive, allow it to dry, then place the edge of your wig to the edge of the hairline you just created using your wig cap, liquid adhesive and tape adhesive.  I make sure the wig is lined up correctly before I lay it down because I do not want my wig sitting on my head crooked.  I like to start in the very front middle of my head and lay the wig down in small sections then press it down with a rat tail comb.  There are plenty of You Tube tutorials showing how to apply lace wigs and perhaps that may give you a better visual on how others apply their lace units, but I have decided to blog about my personal experiences with my lace wigs and hope that this can help someone.  I may include video tutorials or product reviews here on my blog, so stay tuned for that in the near future.

I dyed this lace wig with the Wella Color Charm Conditioning Permanent Gel Hair Color in Praline which is a brownish blond color from it's original 4/8 mix which looked very gray to me.  I tried to take a picture in the sun to see if the color show's up any better on camera.  I applied this on July 11, 2010 and it lasted the whole week with a couple of touch up's on the nape area because of the drastic heat wave in S. California, but it will take a couple of attempts to get it right.  I removed the wig today 7/16/10 by spraying 91% alcohol around the edge of my wig and allowing it to breakdown the adhesive so I could carefully remove it from my head.  It took about 15 minutes to get it off with the alcohol, but if it is giving you a hard time and is somehow stuck to a few of your natural baby hair, then spray the C-22 citrus solvent and gently work it in, in a circular motion to quickly breakdown the glue and it will slide right off.

Once again, I hope this will be of some assistance to anyone deciding to try a lace wig for the first time or someone needing some extra tips to perfect their application.  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think and other information that you want to know about full lace or lace front wigs.


Okay, so I applied my full lace wig again on 7/19/10 and it was so hot I could not even stand in the bathroom for 5 minutes without breaking out in a full sweat all around my forehead.  I was getting so worried that the tape adhesive would not stick to my head because all of the perspiration that I omitted the tape altogether.  I simply followed all of my above steps except I did not put any tape adhesive to my wig cap or lace wig, I only used the BMB Super Hold Lace Adhesive to secure my wig cap and full lace wig.  I am so happy with this application and I feel a lot cooler without the tape adhesive on my skin.  This application is much neater because I allowed each coat of glue to dry at least 10 minutes before applying; if you do not wait for the glue to get somewhat tacky and you place your lace down, the glue will seep through the whole in the lace and make for a messy looking application.  I planned on wearing the hair up in a ponytail all week to keep it off my back and neck.  I felt so much more comfortable, here are a couple of pictures.


Hi readers,

     I am a member of a popular hair care forum and some of the ladies there are in debate over whether or not a lace wig is an actual protective style or does it ruin your hair and your hairline.  A lot of ladies were saying do not use glue or any adhesives to apply your lace front or full lace wigs because you would lose your hairline and they said that it has happened to them.  I want to clear up this issue by giving my own opinion and experiences when using lace wigs as my protective style.

     I have been wearing lace wigs as a protective style of choice since September 2009, this is a photo of my current wig which is a 16" Indian Remy curly unit, and I have not had any major issues with losing anymore hair than I already had lost before using a lace wig.  I suffer from traction alopecia and have been dealing with my hair issues since I was a teenager.  I have what many call hand in hair syndrome which means that I have some sort of obsession with touching my hair and pulling on it to see how long it is or how good the curls spring back into place among other things.  Since I have a bald spot on the right side of my head I was very limited to certain hairstyles like ponytails or wearing my hair down iron straight.  These hairstyles are very damaging to your natural hair because heat causes a lot of shedding, split ends and breakage if you are not using the heat properly.  When I wore ponytails I would pull my hair very tight to make sure it was neat and stayed in place all day without showing my bald spot.  I created a blog dedicated to my journey with my alopecia and go more in depth about it there.

     Lace wigs have been a saving grace for me and my hair because they have protected me from my hair!  It seems funny but it is the truth, I do not touch my hair when I have the lace wig on, so my hair is just moisturized, braided (to prevent tangles) and protected from the sun.  This is a picture of my natural hair air dried with a little Argan Oil Treatment in it to help mend split ends, tame the frizz factor and any previous damage that I had before I started this journey.  I only use natural products on my natural hair now and I can see how it has really helped my hair retain length and become healthier.  I use JASON'S Biotin Shampoo and JASON'S Biotin Conditioner which cleans my hair and scalp just enough without stripping out all of the natural oils in my hair.  I also like to use Giovanni's line of natural organic products for my hair because they have a lot of styling products that I use to style my natural hair.  I really like the Giovanni wax pomade for slicking down my edges when I wear my lace wig to make sure all of my hair is out of the way of the adhesive that I choose to use.

     I apply my lace wigs with Lace wig glue and tape adhesives.  I use Walkers No Shine Tape, Super Tape and Pro Flex Tape as my tape adhesive of choice and I use Walker Ultra Hold or BMB (Blue Moon Beauty) liquid adhesive.  I have had to experiment with a lot of liquid adhesives to find out which one's worked for my lifestyle and body chemistry.  I have tried Ms. Lola's adhesive which did not hold well and had my wig sliding back within a day, I tried Salon Pro 30 Second, Oil Resistant White Glue, Vapon No Tape, Spirit Gum, and a couple of others.  None of those adhesives worked well for me because they did not give me the bond or hold time that I was looking for, when I put the wig in place I want it to stay there and not move.   I precisely place the glue in front of my hairline and not on my hair; so I want the wig to be right in front of my hairline and not on my hair!  You can run into major problems if you get the glue on your hairline because if not removed with the proper adhesive remover it will rip your hair out when to attempt to remove the wig without it.  Good adhesive removers are 91%-99% alcohol or C-22 which is a citrus remover which breaks down the glue immediately and smells great.  If any adhesive gets on your scalp it will block the hair follicle and prevent any natural moisture or air from getting in and out of the follicle which will lead to the hair strand falling out.  I have not suffered any damage to my hairline and judging from this photo of the middle of my head, my scalp looks really healthy in my opinion.

     So in summary, yes I do believe a lace wig is a valid protective style when used properly and when you take the time to take care of your natural hair underneath the lace wig.  When you remove the lace unit be sure to use a good shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner preferably all in the same line.  I say the same line because when shampoo's and conditioners are created they are made to compliment one another and the chemistry balances one another out.  My natural hair is in better health and longer than it's ever been and this is because of low manipulation and simply leaving it alone while keeping it protected from my hands by covering it with the lace wig and forgetting about it.  I hope this helps some of you readers and if you have any specific questions feel free to leave a comment or send me a personal email.

My Natural Hair Growth Update!

Hello readers,
 I just wanted to update you on my latest length check which included deep conditioning, air drying, blow drying, and flat ironing my natural 3c/4a hair.  So, I have still been using my Jamaican Black Castor Oil in most of my topical oil scalp treatments as the base carrier oil and I have added jojoba, Emu, Hot Six oils mixed in there as well.  I apply the oil to my scalp on a weekly basis and massage it in.  I have stuck to all of my natural hair care products like Giovanni Smooth as Silk Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner which are organic and sulfate free.  Sticking with all natural and organic products have really helped me retain my length and growth.  A great place to shop online for one stop shopping is - Discount Vitamin Warehouse. , you can pay one flat shipping price for all of your items.

I continue to wear my lace wig units on a weekly basis and take them off on the weekend to wash my hair and let my scalp get fresh air.  I will post my summer lace wig application process soon!

I have also recently discovered Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil which is a wonderful product for natural or relaxed hair.  After I shampooed and conditioned my hair I sectioned my hair into four sections and applied about a dime to quarter size amount of Argan Oil to each section and braided them.  This is a picture of my hair air dried with the Argan Oil in it, can you see how much shine it gives my hair without weighing it down?  This product is a must try!  I purchased this from Sally's Beauty Supply for $8.99 but they run out quick so I have also highlighted links to where you can find it online without the hassle.

From this point I blew dry each section with the comb attachment then flat ironed my hair with the Marcel Flat iron with the comb chase method.  I used the Ceramic Tools JBC10 tension comb.  I took small sections, bumped the roots and went down the length, then I took the tension comb and grabbed the section and went down the section chasing the comb with the flat iron.  
Here is an example of what I mean, but the iron is not hot and this is not my hair it is a lace wig.

Once I completed my whole head using this method it gave me the bone straight look I was going for with the help of the Argan Oil.  The One 'n' Only Argan Oil is an oil treatment that promotes instant shine, smoothness, frizz control, color protection and heat protection all in one.  I give this product a thumbs up, it left my hair so soft and manageable, I really enjoyed using this product on my natural hair.

As you can see I am a few inches away from Bra Strap Length even after I trimmed off about an inch and a half before taking this photo because I had not trimmed them since December 2009!  I am very pleased with my progress and I will continue to wear my lace wigs as my protective style of choice.  Like I have previously stated, I french braid or cornrow my hair to get to lay as flat as possible under my full lace wigs so that it can look natural as well.

Here are a couple of comparison pics from December 2009 to this current July 2010 length check.  Please feel free to leave comments and ask any questions you may have.
Thanks for reading....