Lacefront Wig Application Picture Tutorial

Happy Spring readers,

As I have previously discussed and shared with you I have been experimenting with lace wigs and learning through trial and error the best application method for an active person like myself.  So I figured I would give you a sort of picture tutorial on how I am currently applying my full lace units.  I am applying my Indian Remy full Swiss lace, light curl in a 1B unit in these photos.  You will also notice that I have highlighted key products and where you can conveniently find them at a reasonable price online.  I am an affiliate of and have great confidence in this site because I have had a storefront on for a few years now and have been very satisfied with their services.  You can search for any product on right here on
I hope this mini tutorial helps...

This is the unit from the inside view where you can see the lace.
It is a medium brown color, Swiss Lace, with a stretch lace in the middle.
I washed the Indian Remy Hair then pin curled it and let it air dry.  To have my hair as flat as possible, my natural is braided in about 14 cornrows that I did myself about 2 weeks prior to this date.

In the next photos I am using 91% alcohol, but you can use any type of medical alcohol to clean the perimeter of your head.  So I take the cotton pad and clean my hairline and let that air dry then apply scalp protector to my hairline, actually my skin right in front of my hairline.

Next, I put on a neutral color wig/stocking cap and apply Hollisters medical adhesive to the perimeter of my whole head right in front of my hairline.  I spray the Hollisters on a plastic tray that I don't mind messing up, I actually used an old false eyelash case, it works great.  Try to be careful and avoid putting any adhesive in your hair, but don't worry if you do happen to get adhesive in your hair during your learning phase because it is easily removed with the 91-99% alcohol or C-22 Citrus Solvent.  After I let the adhesive dry for about 4-5 minutes I apply SUPER TAPE on top of the adhesive around the perimeter of my whole head.

After that, I apply more adhesive on top of the super tape for extra security.  My adhesive of choice is Ultra Hold Lace Wig Adhesive and I use a small lipstick brush for precision.  This is a great lace adhesive in my opinion but it can be very messy, as in stringy when applying. Take your time and swirl the strings around your applicator utensil first before each time you go to put it on your head.  I let the adhesive dry for about 3-4 minutes and apply a tan colored self adherent bandage wrap on top of the super tape and ultra hold around my hairline.  Be sure to follow the placement of the tape when applying the adhesive bandage wrap.

While the bandage wrap is setting, I cut a piece of Extenda Bond Lace Tape 12 inch strip into two.  I carefully peel back the white paper off of the tape and apply it to the newly created front hairline on top of the adhesive bandage wrap.  One piece of tape cut into two individual pieces is enough for the front and back hairline.

Now I have my base ready to apply my full lace wig!  I prepare my lace wig for application by combing back all of the baby hairs and pinning them back and combing the whole wig into a ponytail and secure it in a bun.  After I have removed the blue paper off of the air tape, I position the lace unit on my head right where I want it and where all the adhesive is.  I check to see if the ear/side-burn tabs are in the correct area, then I lay my wig down (shown in the first pic), starting from the front and slowly work my way to the back.  After I have placed the lace unit on my head I look to see if the hairline is where I want it to be and if it looks natural.  When I am satisfied I go around the wig hairline and firmly press(shown in the 2nd and 3rd pics) the lace onto the adhesive to make sure it will set exactly where I have placed it.

So that is about it.  I do not mess with it for about 2 hours because the lace needs to set up in the adhesive.  I tie it down with a scarf around the hairline so that I can make sure it does not move while setting.  After it has finished drying I am able to style it anyway I want and part it as far as I want.  With this application method I can easily get a 2 week hold time, but I have had to touch up the back area in a couple of spots occasionally.  When I exercise or do any activity that involves constant perspiration, I make sure I tie my hairline down with a scarf because the adhesive will loosen up when wet, but when it dries it cures itself all over again.  Click here to see how natural a lace wig can look.

Update December 3, 2010:  I am no longer using this method to apply my lace wigs.  After looking over some of my pictures of my hair growth and thinning of my edges during the time when I was applying the adhesive wrap and I noticed that now they are full and making better progress.  I feel that this is mainly because my scalp was not able to get proper ventilation or proper air when it was fully covered in this wrap for 7 to 10 days at a time.  Don't get me wrong this is a great way to make your lace wig appear as natural as possible when making parts in the hair and it is great for keeping your head warm during the cold winter months.  Check out some of my other posts on how I apply my lace wigs now.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more...