Natural Hair and the Hair Products I Currently Use For Hair Growth and Retention

Hello Again readers,

I am here to share with you some of the hair products that are in my current rotation to keep it healthy underneath my lace unit.  When I decided that I was going to take my hair seriously and not carelessly damage it any further, I had researched many growth products and reviews and hair regimens and came up with my own hair care and growth regimen.  I like low maintenance hairstyles and decided that low manipulation and low maintenance go hand in hand, so for me braiding my hair was a easy solution for my hair while I embark on my lace wig journey as my protective styling method. 

For my hair texture and type (which could be classified as 3b/4a I suppose), I noticed that moisture is a very essential element to my hair and scalp in particular.  In the picture (from left back row, then left to right) I have shown what I am currently using in my hair and on my scalp and I will tell you how I used them.

I currently use, Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship leave in conditioner which I used on the ends of my braids after styling, VO5 moisture milk that I applied along with my biotin conditioner; JASONS biotin shampoo and conditioner; Whole Foods Large Lavender Conditioner which I mix in with my henna; Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil that I apply to each braid section before braiding; Emu Oil applied to scalp; Cantu Shea Butter Leave in with Jojoba oil and I put this in after I towel blot my hair, Jamaican Black Castor Oil and the applicator bottle mixed with JBCO and Jojoba that I apply to my scalp before braiding, Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak for deep conditioning after henna treatment; Profectiv Root Health which I apply to my scalp in between my braids 2-3 times a week, Karishma Henna Pouch used about once every 2-3 months and Profectiv Growth Renew which I try to apply to my weak areas frequently.  I have a lot of other products because I am a self confessed product junkie, but these are my current main staples that I find myself going back to on a regular basis.  I also like to use Giovanni products especially their pomade because it is the bomb for slicking down my edges and their products are all natural.  I use Giovanni mostly for their styling products because they are "organic" and I really enjoy knowing that when I am putting gel or styling mouse in my hair it is not stripping the moisture out like other products that are made with alcohol and sulfates in them.   They do an awesome job giving me the finished look I want.

I hope this will help you with coming up with a hair care regimen that will fit into your lifestyle and that will help you achieve your hair goals.  Don't forget to incorporate a lace unit into your hair regimen so that you will be able to look fabulous at all times while caring for and retaining your natural hair.