Hello again readers,
As promised I am coming back at you with my new full lace wig that I purchased this month.  Yes, I too must buy my own wigs even though I sell them.  Anywho, I will be doing a couple of new blog postings in the near future because I want to share some things that I have been doing to my hair.  So these photos are very current, like today, and I want you to check out the difference between the other "full lace" wig and this one.  I have been reading a lot of forum threads about lace wigs and there are still a lot of women who do not know the difference between a lace front, and a full lace wig!  I will go into this more in another post where I will show pictures of the differences.

Do you see how far I can make my side part go back with this full lace wig?  This is a color 1B, Indian Remy, 18" wig that I cut down to about 16".  I have on a nude color adhesive bandage wrap underneath the lace to simulate the color of my scalp.  I will go into this process further in a separate post with pictures.  A full lace wig gives you way more lace to work with in order to give you versatility with hairstyles compared to a lace front wig which only gives you about an inch of lace to work with only in the front, therefore it is called a lace front.

The hair is very soft and does not tangle as easily as synthetic hair does and can be flat ironed, curled, bleached, colored, cut, wrapped, pin curled, name it, you could probably do it with a full lace wig.  A common problem that many people are having with full lace wigs are figuring out a way to keep it laced down in the nape (you say it like tape) area, because of the constant bending and twisting of the head we tend to do on a daily basis.  So, I think I have figured a method to make my lace stay down in the nape area, but I am going to hold off on the specifics until I see how long this holds up and I can give an accurate review on the products used.

Do you see how I am able to put this full lace wig into a ponytail and rock it like it's mine?  Yep, that's the wig not my hair, but it looks like a match to me!  I hope this will help in making a decision to invest in a full lace wig, because these units are well worth it and you want to preserve your investment while protecting your crowning glory at the same time.  By building a healthy hair care regimen for your natural hair and proper lace wig care, you can look fabulous and grow long hair in simultaneously.  Just look at some of the stars like Beyonce' and Tyra Banks, their real hair is extremely long because they wear lace wigs as a top knotch protective style and do not over manipulate their own strands by combing and styling everyday.  So we can do it too, minus the high paid stylist and expensive products, lol.  That's all for now, stay tuned for more info to come...Please click here to learn more about the products I am using to care for my natural hair underneath my lace unit.