Black Hair Can Grow! Let's Challenge Ourselves!!!

Hello readers,
I want to start off by saying Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you had a safe and sound one!  I have been spending a lot of time and money on preparing myself for my 2010 hair challenges on the Long Hair Care Forum (LHCF).  The challenge I am most excited about is the "2010 Braid Challenge" where I will be keeping my natural hair in braids for most of 2010 to give my hair the ultimate growth opportunity. 
 I self braid so that I know how much tension I am putting on my hair, especially my edges for a natural protective style while adhering to other challenge rules like the "Knockout Nape and Edges Challenge".  I have suffered from a form of alopecia since my late teens and I have been to several doctors and specialist and went through the painful injections and corticosteroids only to see no progress and it eventually spread.  I have never had a biopsy or anything but I believe that me getting a relaxer at the age of 10 and tight hair styles are the main culprits!   I used MN (Monistat) on my nape for a month along with emu oil, JBCO and neosporin, but I saw no difference and it had left that area very dry in my opinion.  So now I am applying regular neosporin, JBCO and Profectiv to my edges. I will update when I notice improvement. 

I want to share some of the great products I have been using on my hair lately.  I use Jamacain Black Castor Oil which I love, love, love and I combined that with some Jojoba Oil in an applicator bottle which makes it very simple to apply directly to my scalp.  I used unrefined whipped shea butter on my hair for the first time when I braided in early December (in the above braid pic) and I found that my hair stayed moisturized for a good 14 days while underneath my lace wig.  I do take off my lace unit once a week to massage JBCO and Profectiv temple stimulant balm to my edges and nape, then I apply Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship sealed with Home Health Castor Oil to the ends.  I also use African Pride braid sheen spray on my braids in between washings and I have been co-washing my braids once a week with VO5 Moisture Milks and Jason's Biotin Conditioner. Sometimes I alternate and use African Blends Carrot Creme Conditioner with the Moisture Milk and it gives me great slip, I am able to detangle very easily with my wide tooth comb I use Jason's Biotin Shampoo on a weekly to bi-weekly basis as well. 

I know it's a lot of steps to go through to achieve the results you want with your natural hair, but if you don't take the time or the effort you will never fully reach your hair goals.  I will keep you all updated on my hair journey as well as continue to provide you with great information on full lace and lace front wigs.  Always remember to take care of your natural hair first by washing with sulfate free shampoos and deep conditioning, before applying a lace wig to your head.  I will be receiving my custom made full lace wig with bleached knots and baby hair within the next week in a color 1B, so I will share some application pictures and final results with all my faithful readers.  Remember, a lace wig is not the answer to gaining your crown and glory back, your diligence and affection for your natural hair will be the key to your own crowning glory!   Please be sure to leave any comments you like and you can also contact me at