Full Lace Wig Protective Style

Well, I just wanted to update my latest lace wig installation.  The pictures above are before and after the wig application.  This is called a full lace wig, but actually it only has lace at the front of the wig and the very back nape area.  A normal full lace wig will have lace throughout the entire wig cap so that you are able to part the hair anywhere you would like and it would give you a natural scalp appearance.  I decided to try this wig anyway because they are less expensive and less of a hassle to apply because there is not lace around the full perimeter of the cap.  The color of this lace wig is a 4/27/30 which is like a brown, blonde, reddish brown color.  I really like this wig and the hair texture is great.  This is a human hair blend which means that it is about 85% human hair and 15% heat resistant fiber.  It still fells very natural and the color complements me very well.  I bought a razor comb from sallys.com and I thinned out the wig a little bit in the back and I also cut the length about 2" from the back.  I also cut a swoop bang on this lace wig by cutting with my hair shears on an angle. 
I am a member of the Long Hair Care Forum and I have entered several challenges to help me grow my natural hair.  I recently purchased Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Emu Oil so that I can apply that to my scalp underneath my lace wig.  I have been cornrowing my hair myself and I am getting much better at that technique because practice makes perfect.  You want your hair to be as flat to your head as possible when wearing these type of wigs so that you don't have an unnatural hump or lumps under the wig.  I am planning to flat iron my hair and give myself a light dusting around Christmas time to see how much progress I have made on my hair growing journey.  My ultimate goal for my natural hair is to be at BSL(bra strap length) and I have about 4-5 inches to go. 
So for now I will be wearing Lace Wigs as a protective style for my natural hair growth journey because the less manipulation I do to my natural hair the healthier it will be.  I do not apply heat to my hair unless I absolutely need to and I keep my hair very moisturized underneath my lace wig cap. I also try to balance out the moisture with a 2 min. protein treatment by Aphogee 1-2 times a month.  I am going to put up a post showing the full lace 100% indian remy wigs that I have for sale.  Stay tuned for more updates on natural hair care and lace wig care information and tips.

Trimming Split Ends on Natural Black Hair

It is very important to keep hair trimmed regularly in order to achieve the desired length. If you don't trim your ends then they become brittle and break off and disrupt the natural hair shaft from completing it's normal growth process. I am not a licensed professional but I have been doing my own hair for many years and I have researched extensively in this area. The main reason I do my own hair is for cost purposes and because I do not wear relaxers so there are no chemicals involved in my hair care regimen, therefore I do not feel I need a professional to do my hair. I am not discouraging anyone from going to the beauty shop, I think you should seek professional assistance with your hair care maintenance if you do not have the skills to do it yourself. I have included some pictures of what my hair looked like before what I call dusting my ends and after I dusted them. What I mean by dusting is that I grab a small section of my hair, I twist it down to the end, then I clip the hair that is sticking out or the hair that does not make a neat twist. The hair that needs to be trimmed is the hair that looks frayed and where a single hair shaft has split in two. I am very cautious when I trim my own ends because I am trying to grow my hair as long as it will go, ideally I would like it to be bra strap length, so I try to preserve the length that I have already achieved as much as possible. When you go to a salon or beauty shop they can get scissor happy and cut off a lot of length when trimming split ends. You can see the results I got just from a minor trim, it makes a world of difference in the appearance of your hair and your desired hairstyle.
I will be posting several of my personal natural hair care and maintenance experiences, as well as sharing results on different products that I have or will be testing out in the near future. I plan on buying the Beauty 4 Ashes line of shampoo and conditioner because I like how they use all natural ingredients in their products. It is pretty expensive, about $60 for the two, but I hope it will be worth it. Feel free to leave any comments and give me some ideas on what topics you would like information on pertaining to natural hair care. I have been wearing my hair natural for over 20 years because I love celebrating my heritage through my hair roots.